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What are Technical Barriers to Trade?

Technical Barriers to Trade are measures adopted by governments establishing product requirements for fulfilment of public policy objectives, such as human health and safety, environmental protection, consumer information, or quality. These measures apply to both domestically produced and imported goods.

The Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT) aims to ensure that these measures (technical regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures) do not create unnecessary obstacles to trade.

More information on the TBT Agreement can be found here.

What is the Technical Barriers to Trade- Information Management System (TBT IMS)?

The TBT IMS is a comprehensive database allowing users to search all TBT notifications and Specific Trade Concerns raised in the TBT Committee (STCs). Users can also browse information on TBT Enquiry Points, Statements on Implementation, Agreements between Members and other TBT-related documents.

Information on standards related notifications under the Code of Good Practice, can be found on the WTO ISO Standards Information Service