Agreement between Members (Art. 10.7)

Mutual Recognition Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the United Mexican States for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Equipment.
10 June 2011
The Agreement applies to conformity assessment of equipment that may be attached to a public telecommunications network and other equipment subject to telecommunications regulation, including wire and wireless equipment, and terrestrial and satellite equipment, whether or not connected to a public telecommunications network. Equipment which can only be connected behind devices providing adequate network protection for a public telecommunications network may be excluded from the scope of testing it applies to network terminal attachment.
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The Agreement is intended to streamline conformity assessment for a wide range of telecommunications and telecommunications-related equipment and thereby to facilitate trade between the Parties. The Agreement provides for the mutual recognition by the Parties of testing laboratories and mutual acceptance of the results of testing undertaken by recognized testing laboratories in assessing conformity of equipment to those technical requirements, legislative and regulatory provisions, and administrative arrangements that a Party has specified in Annex I of the Agreement pertaining to the testing of equipment with respect to which compliance is mandatory. ;
For greater clarity, the Parties note that the Agreement shall not cover conformity assessment related to the electrical safety of telecommunications equipment or homologation. ;
The Agreement provides for a transition period of 18 months following the date of entry into force, during which time the Parties will jointly undertake a confidence building work program in order to build trust and confidence in the Agreement. During the transition period, neither Party will be required to accept test reports from testing laboratories of the other Party. ;