Agreement between Members (Art. 10.7)

Agreement between the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy and national standards organizations of the Republic of Latvia "Latviyas Standarts" on cooperation in standardization.
25 June 2008
Groups of goods not specified, the Framework Agreement.
The agreement provides development of cooperation in the following areas: ;
- Harmonization of national standards with international and European ones; ;
- Establishment of standardization system, including the Centre of national standards harmonized with European and international standardization system; ;
- Organization development, adoption of standards and use of computers in drafting standards; ;
- Exchange of documents, information in standardization (standards, catalogs, newsletters and laws in standardization); ;
- Mutual invitation of experts to seminars, conferences, lectures on standardization; ;
- Courses of professional development; ;
- Cooperation within the framework of participation in international and European organizations for standardization in order to strengthen and enhance the role of both Parties in the development of international activities in standardization. ;