Agreement between Members (Art. 10.7)

Memorandum of Understanding between the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy and the American National Standards Institute.
14 September 2009
Groups of goods are not specified, the Framework Agreement.
The standardization, metrology, certification.
The agreement provides development of cooperation in the following areas: ;
- Exchange of views on the activities, functions and programs of various international and regional organizations for standardization and conformity assessment; ;
- Promote co-operation of experts from Ukraine and the United States in various areas of standardization and conformity assessment set by individual agreements between the Parties; ;
- To promote standardization organizations in the countries of both Parties to create negotiating teams for the launch of bilateral relations, including mutual exchange of information and materials, industry development/samples, joint business initiatives to promote cooperation in relevant industries as a structural element of the international standards and free trade; ;
- Consideration of administrative issues and financial support for conferences, seminars, technical workshops on standardization, conformity assessment, which have a common interest; ;
- The exchange of current editions of national standards and procedures issued by the relevant organizations (on request), general information and publications on standards and on conformity assessment issued by relevant organizations; ;
- Exchange of general materials for training courses on standardization, conformity assessment and quality assurance developed and issued by relevant organizations. ;