Standards related notifications (Annex 3: Code of Good Practice)

For all information available on standards related notifications under the Code of Good Practice, please consult the WTO ISO Standards Information Service on

Notifications of Acceptance or Withdrawal from the Code of Good Practice as circulated by the WTO can be searched here.


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Document symbol Country/Customs Territory/Regional Arrangement Name of standardizing body Type of standardizing body Date of distribution Links
G/TBT/CS/N/141 Côte d'Ivoire CODINORM (Côte d'Ivoire Normalisation) Non-governmental 20/02/2002 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/127 Croatia DRŽAVNI ZAVOD ZA NORMIZACIJU I MJERITELJSTVO (DZNM) (State Office for Standardization and Metrology) Central Government 15/02/2001 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/169 Croatia HRVATSKI ZAVOD ZA NORME – HZN (Croatian Standards Institute) ; Non-governmental 02/08/2006 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/34 Cuba Oficina Nacional de Normalización (NC) (Cuban National bureau of Standards) ; Central Government 01/04/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/178 Cyprus Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation (CYS) Non-governmental 07/07/2009 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/8 Czech Republic Czech Standards Institute (CSNI) Non-governmental 26/07/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/8/Corr.1 Czech Republic Non-governmental 08/12/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/8/Corr.2 Czech Republic Non-governmental 22/05/2001 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/36 Denmark Danish Standards Association Non-governmental 15/04/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/130 Dominica Dominica Bureau of Standards Central Government 16/02/2001 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/87 Dominican Republic Direccion General de Normas y Sistemas de Calidad - Digenor Central Government 13/01/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/45 Ecuador INEN-Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización Central Government 11/07/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/17 Egypt Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (EOS) Central Government 01/11/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/61 El Salvador Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACYT) - ; National Council of Science and Technology ; Central Government 23/12/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/129 Estonia National Standards Board of Estonia EVS Central Government 15/02/2001 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/174 Eswatini Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA) Non-governmental 23/10/2008 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/197 European Union EUROCAE - European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment Non-governmental 04/09/2018 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/32 European Union ETSI-European Telecommunications Standards Institute None 07/03/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/39 European Union European Committee for Standardization ; Comité Européen de Normalisation ; Non-governmental 09/07/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/46 European Union CENELEC Non-governmental 08/08/1996 En Fr Es

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