Standards related notifications (Annex 3: Code of Good Practice)

For all information available on standards related notifications under the Code of Good Practice, please consult the WTO ISO Standards Information Service on

Notifications of Acceptance or Withdrawal from the Code of Good Practice as circulated by the WTO can be searched here.


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Document symbol Country/Customs Territory/Regional Arrangement Name of standardizing body Type of standardizing body Date of distribution Links
G/TBT/CS/N/22 Finland Finnish Standards Association SFS Non-governmental 22/11/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/18 France AFNOR Non-governmental 20/11/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/188 Gabon Central Government 04/04/2017 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/153 Georgia State Department for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of Georgia (GEOSTAND) Central Government 17/12/2003 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/1 Germany Din Deutsches Institut Für Normung e.V. None 24/04/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/196 Germany DKE Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik in DIN und VDE DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE Non-governmental 27/07/2018 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/144 Ghana GHANA STANDARDS BOARD Central Government 30/05/2002 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/85 Greece ELOT ; Hellenic Organization for Standardization ; Non-governmental 09/12/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/79 Grenada Grenada Bureau of Standards GDBS Central Government 18/09/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/156 Guatemala Guatemalan Standards Commission (COGUANOR) Central Government 31/08/2004 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/74 Guyana Central Government 07/08/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/74/Rev.1 Guyana Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) Central Government 21/04/2005 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/186 Haiti Central Government 06/07/2016 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/165 Honduras Secretaría de Industria y Comercio, Dirección General de Producción y Consumo, Departmento de Normalización y Metrología (Ministry of Industry and Trade, Directorate-General of Production and Consumption, Department of Standardization and Metrology) Central Government 27/03/2006 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/89 Hong Kong, China Highways Department of the Government of the HKSAR Central Government 23/01/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/90 Hong Kong, China Office of the Telecommunications Authority Central Government 23/01/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/91 Hong Kong, China Transport Department of the Government of the HKSAR Central Government 23/01/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/96 Hong Kong, China Electrical and Mechanical Services Department ; The Government of the Hong Kong ; Special Administrative Region ; Central Government 09/04/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/97 Hong Kong, China Works Bureau of the Government of the HKSAR Central Government 09/04/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/10 Hungary Hungarian Office for Standardization (MSZH) Central Government 24/08/1995 En Fr Es

Page 4 of 11   |   Number of documents : 220