Standards related notifications (Annex 3: Code of Good Practice)

For all information available on standards related notifications under the Code of Good Practice, please consult the WTO ISO Standards Information Service on

Notifications of Acceptance or Withdrawal from the Code of Good Practice as circulated by the WTO can be searched here.


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Document symbol Country/Customs Territory/Regional Arrangement Name of standardizing body Type of standardizing body Date of distribution Links
G/TBT/CS/N/28 Zimbabwe Standards Association of Zimbabwe Non-governmental 07/02/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/28/Add.1 Zimbabwe 02/02/2000 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/104 Zambia Zambia Bureau of Standards None 16/10/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/175 Viet Nam Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ) Central Government 20/02/2009 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/41 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Comisión Venezolana de Normas Industriales (COVENIN) ; (Venezuelan Commission for Industrial Standards) ; Central Government 03/07/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/82 Uruguay Instituto Uruguayo de Normas Técnicas (UNIT) Non-governmental 20/10/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/199 United States of America The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium ("CalConnect") Non-governmental 20/02/2019 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/83 United States of America The American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) Non-governmental 21/10/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/83/Add.1 United States of America 09/07/1998 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/64 United Kingdom British Standards Institution Non-governmental 18/03/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/166 United Arab Emirates Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) Central Government 02/05/2006 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/173 Ukraine State Committee of Ukraine on Technical Regulations and Consumer Policy (“Derzhspozhivstandart” of Ukraine) Central Government 05/06/2008 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/81 Uganda Uganda National Bureau of Standards Central Government 06/10/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/35 Turkey Türk Standardlari Enstitüsü ; (Turkish Standards Institution) ; Non-governmental 15/04/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/9 Tunisia National Standardization and Industrial Property Institute ; (INNORPI) ; Central Government 26/07/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/37 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards Central Government 29/04/1996 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/183 The Gambia THE GAMBIA STANDARDS BUREAU Central Government 20/01/2014 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/21 Thailand Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) Central Government; Non-governmental 22/11/1995 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/78 Tanzania Tanzania Bureau of Standards Central Government 02/09/1997 En Fr Es
G/TBT/CS/N/23 Switzerland Swiss Electrotechnical Committee (CES) Non-governmental 14/12/1995 En Fr Es

Page 1 of 11   |   Number of documents : 220