United States of America
Earth Stations in Motion To Include NGSO Satellite Systems

AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission

ACTION: Final rule

SUMMARY: In this document, the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) amends its rules to facilitate the deployment of earth stations in motion (ESIMs) communicating with geostationary (GSO) and non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) fixed-satellite service (FSS) satellite systems.

This rule is effective: 24 July 2020.

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Satellite systems
Systèmes à satellites; autres véhicules aériens (hélicoptères, avions, par exemple); véhicules spatiaux (y compris les satellites) et leurs véhicules lanceurs et véhicules sous-orbitaux (SH 88.02); services de télécommunication. Applications (ICS 33.030), systèmes de télécommunication (ICS 33.040), services mobiles (ICS 33.070)
Sistemas de satélites. Las demás aeronaves (por ejemplo: helicópteros, aviones); vehículos espaciales (incluidos los satélites) y sus vehículos de lanzamiento y vehículos suborbitales (SA: 8802). Servicios de telecomunicación. Aplicaciones (ICS: 33.030). Sistemas de telecomunicación (ICS: 33.040). Servicios móviles (ICS: 33.070).
Version Products covered Interpreted
HS3 8802 - Powered aircraft "e.g. helicopters and aeroplanes"; spacecraft, incl. satellites, and suborbital and spacecraft launch vehicles No
Products covered Interpreted
33.030 - Telecommunication services. Applications No
33.040 - Telecommunication systems No
33.070 - Mobile services No

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