The Thai Industrial Standards for Portable Power Bank – Safety Requirements (TIS 2879-2560(2017))
Thai Industrial Standards for Portable Power Bank - Safety Requirements (Norma industrial de Tailandia sobre las baterías externas portátiles. Requisitos de seguridad) (Norma TIS 2879-2560(2017).

This addendum is to inform that TIS 2879-25XX proposed by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), notified under G/TBT/N/THA/502, was adopted as TIS 2879-2560(2017) Portable Power Bank – Safety Requirements 

Se informa de que la Norma TIS 2879-25XX propuesta por el Instituto Tailandés de Normalización Industrial (TISI), notificada en el documento G/TBT/N/THA/502, se ha adoptado como Norma TIS 2879-2560(2017) con el título "Baterías externas portátiles. Requisitos de seguridad".
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29.220.30, 35.020, 35.260

29.220.30, 35.020, 35.260
ICS: 29.220.30, 35.020, 35.260.
Version Products covered Interpreted
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Products covered Interpreted
29.220.30 - Alkaline secondary cells and batteries No
35.020 - Information technology (IT) in general No
35.260 - Office machines No

Safety and consumer protection 

Sécurité et protection des consommateurs
seguridad y protección del consumidor.

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