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General safety of non-foodstuff products
Sécurité générale des produits non alimentaires
Seguridad general de los productos no alimenticios
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Draft law of the Parliament “On the general safety of non-foodstuff products”
Projet de loi du Parlement sur la sécurité générale des produits non alimentaires. 17 pages, en albanais
Proyecto de Ley del Parlamento relativa a la seguridad general de los productos no alimenticios – 17 páginas, disponible en albanés
This Draft Law defines the rights and obligations for the manufactures and distributors, aiming that consumer products placed on the market are safe, as well as the competences of the responsible structure for market surveillance
Le projet de loi notifié a pour objet de définir les droits et obligations des producteurs et distributeurs, de garantir la sûreté des produits de consommation mis sur le marché et de définir le mandat de l'organisme responsable de la surveillance du marché.
El proyecto de Ley notificado define los derechos y las obligaciones de los fabricantes y distribuidores, a fin de asegurar que los productos de consumo comercializados sean seguros; también se establecen las competencias de los organismos responsables de la supervisión del mercado.
The Draft Law will apply to all the products, despite the sale ways, including the electronic sales and in distance. The provisions of this law will apply as long as for the same purpose which regulates the safety of the products in question has no other special provisions. ;
When the products are subject to specific safety requirements which are governed by specific legislation, this law will apply only to the aspects and risks or categories of risks that are not covered by the specific legislation. ;

Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 December 2001 “On general product safety”
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