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Tobacco and cigarettes
Draft Law "On some additions and amendments to the law No. 8691, date 16.11.2000 'For the production and marketing of tobacco and cigarettes' amended" (7 pages, in Albanian)
This draft law of the Albanian Parliament provides inspection and control of tobacco products, problems related to with the quality of the planting and propagating multiplier, the higher costs of agricultural inputs, problems that arise with the delivery of tobacco and especially with its price. The draft law defines clear rules for the production, standardization and marketing of tobacco and its products.

The aim of this draft law is to amend certain articles or points of special articles of the existing law.

  • Albanian law No. 8691, date 16 November 2000 "For the production and marketing of tobacco and cigarettes"
  • Albanian law No. 146/2014 "Public notification and consultation"
29 September 2016
13 December 2016
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