Specific Trade Concern

IMS ID : 427
Thailand -- Draft Notification of the Alcoholic Beverages Control, Re: Rules, Procedure and condition for Labels of Alcoholic Beverages, issued under B.E. (ID 427)
June/July 2014
Juin/Juillet 2014
junio/​​julio 2014
G/TBT/M/63, paras. 3.9-3.13
Date Minutes
No subsequent date raised
14/11/2018 G/TBT/M/76, paras. 3.79-3.84
20/06/2018 G/TBT/M/75, paras. 4.83-4.92
21/03/2018 G/TBT/M/74, paras. 2.107-2.113
08/11/2017 G/TBT/M/73, paras. 2.76-2.84
14/06/2017 G/TBT/M/72, paras. 3.121-3.130
29/03/2017 G/TBT/M/71, paras. 2.136-2.144
10/11/2016 G/TBT/M/70, paras. 2.148-2.156
15/06/2016 G/TBT/M/69, paras. 3.165-3.174
09/03/2016 G/TBT/M/68, paras. 2.170-2.180
04/11/2015 G/TBT/M/67, paras. 2.158-2.172
17/06/2015 G/TBT/M/66paras. 3.168-3.178
18/03/2015 G/TBT/M/65, paras 2.174-2.180
05/11/2014 G/TBT/M/64/Rev.1paras 2.207 - 2.220
Alcohol Beverages
Inconsistency with TRIPS Agreement; unclear interpretation of key clauses in regulation and with respect to enforcement; prohibition on labels that contained images of athletes, artists, singers or cartoons, and messages affiliated with certain activities, such as sport, music and contests.
Canada, the EU, Mexico and New Zealand raised a concern regarding Thailand's draft measure prohibiting the use of images of athletes, artists, singers or cartoons as well as messages affiliated with sport or music among other activities on the labels of alcoholic beverages. The concerned Members inquired whether Thailand had considered less trade restrictive alternatives, what scientific evidence suggested the measure would help achieve the policy objective, and asked to clarify the prohibited images. Several of them asked for an extended timeframe for implementation, as well as permission to sell all products existing on the market until exhaustion of stocks.

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