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IMS ID : 411
Ecuador -- Resolution No. 116 of the Foreign Trade Committee of Ecuador of 19 November 2013 and Technical Regulation of the Ecuadorian Standardization Institute RTE INEN 022 on the labelling of processed and packaged food products (ID 411)
March 2014
Mars 2014
marzo 2014
G/TBT/M/62, paras. 2.8-2.16
Fecha Actas
No se planteó posteriormente
08/11/2017 G/TBT/M/73, paras. 2.67-2.70
14/06/2017 G/TBT/M/72, paras. 3.113-3.118
29/03/2017 G/TBT/M/71, paras. 2.128-2.132
10/11/2016 G/TBT/M/70, paras. 2.140-2.145
15/06/2016 G/TBT/M/69, paras. 3.152-3.159
09/03/2016 G/TBT/M/68, paras. 2.155-2.164
04/11/2015 G/TBT/M/67, paras. 2.146-2.152
17/06/2015 G/TBT/M/66paras. 3.153-3.162
18/03/2015 G/TBT/M/65, paras.2.146-2.155
05/11/2014 G/TBT/M/64/Rev.1paras. 2.175 - 2.186
18/06/2014 G/TBT/M/63paras. 3.111-3.119
Processed food products for human consumption; HS tariff subheading 9900.00.00
Lack of local conformity assessment bodies able to produce required certificates; mandatory nature of labelling requirements; scientific basis for labelling requirements for food containing genetically modified content; burdensome requirements.
Resolution No. 116 established certificates of recognition for conformity assessment as a support document to customs declaration for all goods imported as from 3 December 2013. This Resolution was an internal Resolution regarding customs administration that only established control for marketing products in Ecuador based on regulations that in various cases were already in force.

Technical regulation RTE INEN 022 applied to all processed food for human consumption on the Ecuadorian market and that in April 2013 a slight modification therein came into force so as to improve the labelling of these products by avoiding that such labels could mislead consumers. In October 2013, a second amendment included the requirement that products containing genetically modified items also be labelled as such. Regulation No. 116 also required a recognition certificate as a supporting document to the customs declaration prior to products entering the Ecuadorian market.

The Ministry of Public Health established the health regulations for the labelling of processed food for human consumption, published in the Official Journal No. 134 of 29 November 2013, in order to combat cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The Ecuadorian standardization Institute (ILEN) included this regulation through a modification to RTE 022. This modification provided for a graphic system describing the high, medium or low content of the three components.

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