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The Draft Technical Regulation notified through G/TBT/N/ZAF/134 - Proposed regulations relating to the classification, packing and marking of fat spreads intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa - was published by the Minister of Trade and Industry as a Schedule in Government Gazette no 34983, Notice no 9668, dated 03 February 2012. ;
The notified amendment to the South African Compulsory Specification VC 8029, will enter into force 6 (six) months after its publication in the official publication namely the Government Gazette. ;
The full text is available only in English and can be downloaded at: ;
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Fat spreads (with less than 50% milk fat) ;
HS: 0405 ;
ICS : 67.200 ;
National Tariff Heading: Butter and other fats and oils derived from milk; dairy spreads and other spreads ;
Matières grasses à tartiner (comportant moins de 50% de matières grasses laitières). SH 04.05. NCCD: -. ICS 67.200. Position du tarif douanier national: beurre et autres matières grasses provenant du lait; pâtes à tartiner laitières et autres.
Grasas para untar (con un contenido de grasa láctea inferior al 50 por ciento) - SA:  0405;  ICS:  67.200 - Partida del arancel nacional:  Mantequilla (manteca) y demás materias grasas de la leche; pastas para untar:  lácteas y las demás
Version Produits visés Interpreted
HS3 0405 - Beurre, y.c. le beurre déshydraté et le ghee, et autres matières grasses provenant du lait ainsi que pâtes à tartiner laitières Non
Produits visés Interpreted
67.200 - Huiles et corps gras comestibles. Graines oléagineuses Non
Consumer information and labelling requirements, product standardisation

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